Panel Creation

We transform metal into beautiful masterpieces


About Us

We are a team of architects, engineers, constructors, and industrial designers with over 20 years experience in the architectural, industrial design, and construction industries.


Our philosophy is to provide simple, elegant solutions with the highest quality at competitive prices.


Our mission is to construct aesthetically eloquent architectural metal systems for commercial and multi-residential projects.

We are always striving to develop new product types, minimal structure support systems, and labor saving installation techniques.

Our System

Panel Creation Architectural Metal Systems


Panels are laser cut in a wide array of standard or custom patterns as well as solid panels.


Panel Creation Systems can be a "signature" aesthetically integral component of the project versus commonly available railings and perforated metals.

Panel Creation Systems form structural components into the panels which is a very efficient use of the material. In general, no posts or secondary structural support is required.

Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machinery


There is no labor intensive hand cutting, welding or grinding in the shop and no fabrication required in the field.

Installation process is simplified, resulting in lower installation costs.



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